Probably, the major problem on today’s Philippine music is the mental attitude about copycat of most singers and composers. Possibly, it is because of brain drain of the Pinoy song lyrics sung and written. It is on the listener’s way of thinking who thinks that it’s only the western music people should listen to. How could it be resolved? This really is challenging. OPM lyrics must originate from an incredible composer who does outstanding songs. Or perhaps, it must emerge coming from other party which can sing light songs that give meaningful message. Perhaps, another band is out there which could deal up against the global area of music. Philippines requires true bands, artists and vocalists who don’t duplicate the styles of western songs. Philippine music industry needs unique people who wouldn’t conform with what masses always desire for.

Pinoy LyricsLike to search for a number of Pinoy song lyrics on This can be done using few clicks of the mouse. Simply just key in the title of the song you like on your web browser and you have it in seconds. Depending on what you would like, you can look for songs having videos, Tagalog lyrics and chords. At times, you can also get songs having piano piece, guitar chords and with other methods to try out your song using musical instruments. Getting accessibility to your favourite songs, whether international or local, is quick and simple. The resources are generally endless for all types of OPM lyrics. Due to the today’s technology. Media has developed and today all of Philippine music is nearly accessible and available online.

The sort of Pinoy song lyrics Filipinos ever had before was just restricted to love songs. That is why there were the “harana” the slow, sweet and very emotional song. After that, folk and novelty songs turned up that were made to give more sort of entertainment. Most of the Philippine songs were formerly adaptations of the famous English songs. A level of consciousness started to appear in 70’s as a result of the emergence of a new generation. Pinoy young people began presenting a few modifications in the field of songs and music. Today, subjects in Tagalog lyrics don’t only emphasize upon love, it also focuses on a realistic look at life itself.

Original Pilipino music more well known as OPM refers to Filipino pop songs particularly in the form of ballad. Plenty of those songs are popularized by commercial and major pop artists. In the development of numerous music kinds in this country, OPM is any sort of music originally created by Filipino composers. The particular Pinoy song lyrics are composed regardless of the place when this was composed. There are many Tagalog songs which have still left their marks, not only to this country but also in numerous countries in Asia. Nowadays, you can hear original songs being performed by Korean or Malaysian singers. You’ll get surprised once you listen to original Pilipino music lyrics being sung by another nationality.