Welcome to the Playforge Project


This site is for co-ordinating and communicating progress on the underlying framework behind Sodaplay 2.0 called Playforge.

We are using Trac to track the development process and make Playforge source code available for browsing, distribution and development. Playforge will be licensed under the Sodaplay Community Source Licence.

Explore the Sodaplay 2.0 prototype is an instance of our progress so far. Explore the prototype and discuss it in the Playforge discussion forum.

Who are Soda?

play forgeEstablished in 1996, Soda is a small R&D and creative technology practice based in London, UK. We work in partnership with schools, universities, development agencies, local and national government, arts, heritage and cultural organisations in the design and implementation of technology for the purposes of art, learning and play.

What is Trac?

Trac is an enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software development projects. See the Trac Start page to see how it works. Please note that at this point this trac is read-only, because we want discussion to occur in the Playforge discussion forum. Only when there’s more underlying code to review will it make sense to start opening this site up to creating feature requests, tracking bugs and submitting modifications.

What is Playforge?

Playforge is the term we use for the underlying framework that Sodaplay 2.0 will be an instance of. Sodaplay applications such as Sodaconstructor will benefit from common Playforge services such as user authentication, persistence and discussion. Playforge will also make it possible to modify the user interface of an application by simply editing a text file, or extend the behaviour of an application by augmenting it with additional java code all without the need to re-write the original applications source code.

Playforge splits into a number of “components”:

  • Playforge code
    • app-functions: functionality required by apps/applets (like MiniConstructor and CityProtoPad)
  • Sodaplay site:
    • web-functions: functionality required by sodaplay
    • prototype – the current prototype
    • design – design of the prototype and release versions of sodaplay2 and of
  • Sodaplay content:
    • sodacities – a new app
    • sodaconstructor – modifications to the existing mass-and-springs simulation
    • content – soda-created content (how-tos, etc)

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